meeth 60 Day Challenge: Reika

meeth 60 Day Challenge: Reika

meeth believes self-confidence shapes your thought and behaviour. As your confidence flourishes, you reach your full potential and opportunities knock at your door. For this very reason, meeth products try to do more than improve one’s skin condition but also her self-confidence. In this 60 Day Challenge, we want to offer each candidate a revitalising first-hand experience of meeth products. We also want to be part of each person’s journey to transform their skin and regain their confidence. We understand this journey can be long and tough, so we are here with you to keep hope alive.


Today’s Candidate Is Reika

Reika works as a sales representative for an apparel brand. She has been struggling with acne-prone skin for ten years. She thought she had oily skin because her makeup often melts off and never really lasts. Later, though, Reika learned that the dryness of her skin caused an excess amount of sebum which led to her combination skin. 

At work, she meets fashion-conscious customers regularly and feels they are noticing her skin while serving them. She feels anxious about how others perceive her skin. As a result, Reika avoids eye contact, has an unnatural smile, and is constantly plagued by worrisome thoughts. During the interview, she said her skin was her top concern and the most unsatisfying part of her body. She wondered what kind of world will be waiting for her if she finally sees a ray of hope regarding her skin.


Experiencing meeth’s Product

During the 60 Days Challenge, meeth’s founder, Sonmi, had many consultants meet with Reika to give her support and advice. Sonmi shared photos of her own past skin problems with Reika to gain trust and build rapport. She understands how skin troubles can impact your mental health and asked Reika to join the challenge in a stress-free way.

Reika found out that the function of her skin’s moisture barriers had been impaired. Thus, dryness is her biggest adversary. In order to enhance the moisture level of her skin, she applied meeth Morerich Essential Lotion to the acne area repeatedly every hour or two. Reika says she will never forget the moment when she first applied the lotion. Her skin was instantly hydrated and it felt like drinking a glass of water from a clear mountain spring. On top of that, meeth foaming face wash also exceeded Reika’s expectations. She had not been using a facial cleanser based on her dermatologist’s opinion that she should not overwash her face. But after using foaming face wash, Reika had a new opinion about facial cleansers. It didn’t leave her skin feeling tight, but instead with a silk-soft and supple sensation.


Sometimes A Small, Gradual Change Is What We Wish For

For the first month, she could not feel any change. Then suddenly, on the 33rd day, she noticed that her skin had a glow.  Enlarged pores have become less noticeable and redness has slowly faded away. Thanks to the Morerich Pack, even if she had a pimple, it would go away before it got bigger. Her friends also recognized the improvement on her skin. 

Up until now, she was never a confident girl, she often looked down and had bad posture.  As her acne skin improved, she became more aware of her entire body and posture, not only her face. In the past, she often compared herself with people who have beautiful skin, but now she wants to be one of them. The challenge inspired her to take a step forward to be confident and happy. This is not the end, but a new beginning for Reika. 


meeth 60 Days Challenge In Singapore

With the success of the meeth 60 days challenge in Japan, meeth is encouraged to help more women around the globe to be proud of their skin. Meeth is highly motivated to launch the 60 days challenge in Singapore in the near future. Stay tuned!

60 days is not a goal but a new beginning.

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